[Blindmath] Press Release: MathType 6.5 for Windows is available

Steve Jacobson steve.jacobson at visi.com
Wed Dec 3 15:59:02 CST 2008

Remind me, why doesn't this product work with Window-eyes or JFW now?

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008 12:00:05 -0800, Neil Soiffer wrote:

>Since Michael opened the door a little, let me barge through and shout once
>again that if people (and that means YOU) don't contact your AT vendor
>(Freedom Scientific, GW Micro, etc) and let them know that math
>accessibility is something that you would buy an upgrade for, they won't do
>the work to integrate our and other's products with theirs.  They care about
>paying customers and it is up to YOU to let them know that math
>accessibility is important.  Developers of open source products need to know
>also -- although development may be driven more by what interests a
>developer in open source, it is still true that if people say "this feature
>will cause me to use your product", that feature is much more likely to be
>worked on.

>If you didn't contact your AT vendor after my earlier harangue on this
>subject, please do so now -- every single message they get  from customers
>makes a difference.

>    Neil

>On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> wrote:

>> I had been wondering what it might do, but I came to the same conclusion
>> that for those very familiar with word then just learning the math TeX isn't
>> such a steep learning curve.
>> Is this really the best solution, probably not. I am sure that this work
>> that Neil and design Science are putting into accessibility will help
>> people, but sometimes I wonder whether these work arounds (relying on the
>> TeX features of MathType) do improve things in the long term as some AT
>> providers might say "well you can use it that way why do we need to do
>> anything" without really understanding the problems and how work on their
>> side might improve math accessibility. Neil's earlier comment about users
>> requesting math accessibility in their AT probably is the way things need to
>> go for the long term.
>> Michael Whapples
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