[Blindmath] Creating the wiki

Robin Williams robster3 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 09:56:18 CST 2009


  I have just spoken with Alastair via phone and we both agree that this
wiki is a good idea and will serve the community well. I have looked at the
Wikia site, it looks eminently suitable for the project, so shall I go on
and create it? Alastair and I are both happy to do the administration,
although of course the more people the better. 

  What should this wiki be called? Perhaps blindmath so it is associated
with the list, or perhaps:






  I suggest a term containing `mathematics', as this will be the term that
people from around the globe most often use in search engines, I believe the
word `math' is a so-called Americanism. 

  What do people think? 


Robin Williams.


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