[Blindmath] Reading, Doing and Writing math for a newcomer

Lloyd Rasmussen lras at loc.gov
Thu Jun 4 09:48:01 CDT 2009

I guess it goes without saying, but I would advise you to learn all you can 
about how your screen reader interacts with Excel.  I would think that a 
spreadsheet would be an important tool for an economist, and JAWS and 
Window-Eyes support Excel pretty well.

At 10:10 PM 6/3/2009, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>My name is Philip.  I am rather new to this and would appreciate it
>very much if you could advise me on how to make math texts accessible
>by ear, do math and write math with the computer.  I began using JAWS
>and reading very simple Braille 2 months ago.  Previously for many
>years, I was able to read large print and had been using Zoom-Text.
>My Bachelor's degree is in Economics, and I don't want my most recent
>vision loss to stop my plan to pursue a graduate degree in a
>quantitative-leaning social science field in the near future.
>I have come across names like Infty Reader, Abby Fine, Chatty Infty,
>WinTriangle, Daisy, Math Daisy, etc. and would especially appreciate
>if you could share with me how all these work together to do the 3
>tasks: read math texts, math equations and tables by ear, do math, and
>write math.
>Thank you very much for your very kind help.
>Best regards,
>Email: pcs2001 at caa.columbia.edu

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