[Blindmath] Survey for a blind researcher

vincent vmartin at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 12 21:13:39 CST 2010

I have a low-vision friend that is doing here senior research study for her
sociology degree this semester.  Her topic deals with the educational
stratification of visually impaired students.  She is especially looking for
blind students or people that have gone to college to take her survey.  This
is especially important because she has found herself in the same boat as a
lot of people on this math list concerning learning mathematics in college.
She is in a Statistics class right now and her college has had a lot of
difficulty in finding the right way to accommodate her visual impairment.  I
actually have been doing the teaching when he comes back from class.  

The topic of her research project deals with the educational stratification
of low-vision and blind students and I thought this list would have the type
of people that would give her good data.  If you have the opportunity, then
go to her survey on the following link.  Hopefully, this will be the
beginning of her research career.  She does intend to pursue her Doctorate's
degree when she graduates next year.

The link is:


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