[Blindmath] mathematica and laTex

Bernard M Diaz b.m.diaz at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Jan 20 10:41:45 CST 2010


Just two? mmm. A fast worker clearly.

When you get to Mathematica you are at the limit of my
technical knowledge. I've used it but never in anger and
not for SA. And, I do not know how it handles voicing.
I seem to recall from Blindmath that it has its own
inbuilt voicing system (but this might be an add on or
a separate version) and might just be for graph output.
Contact them and find out?

With regards to Jaws on the lab computer.  Yes a good
idea - if that allows Mathematica to work. I'm not sure
how you will be supposed to use it, maybe to produce
pretty pictures (graphs that sort of thing) which would
be useless really. However, if it part of proof etc
and demonstration then that is different! However Jaws
is costly. Most lab systems have no sound card or have
sound disabled (you'll need earphones). And, they are
usually general systems - which the owners are reluctant
to modify.

A sideways solution is to network one machine with M
on it such that you can wireless link to it.  You then
link in from your laptop and use systems magic to
let you appear to be using it. Your Jaws works with
the window (i'm hoping) that the magic creates and
you are away ... You'll need to check with the technical
people that all that I say is possible on that machine
or system.  There are issues if it is Unix and your
system is Windows etc etc.
If Jaws is the solution, then a site licence can be
arranged - your tech people again need to look at that
and find finance. A site deal for 5 licences does not
cost too much and teachers can use it to check that
their notes are voiced correctly - all benefit.

In my experience all Latex rendered with Hevea voices
correctly with Jaws.  But remember I've not seen
everything and rarely use it for matrices and things
that depend on 2D spatial arrangements (not usually
required in CS).  I have to do some Hevea work this
weekend and will have a look at some matrix examples
for you and let you know next week.

Regards - Diz

Alex Hall wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have two questions.
> 1. I will have three computer labs in my linear algebra class this semester. 
> Two of these labs will involve a program called Mathematica. I will very 
> likely be using System Access To Go since I do not have jaws on any machine 
> in the lab we will be using. What will Mathematica do with SA? Will it work 
> at all? Is there anything I should know? Is it worth getting Jaws on the lab 
> computer?
> 2. Most of the things my professor sends me will be laTex files. Is there a 
> way to get jaws (these will be on my home machine) to read this notation 
> correctly, especially relating to matrix notation?
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Have a great day,
> Alex
> Email: mehgcap at gmail.com 
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