[Blindmath] Sciences and engineering for blind students

Kartik Sawhney sawhney.kartik at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 02:00:48 CDT 2010


Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. I am currently studying in
India, and want to enroll in one of the most prominent engineering
institutes in India, the Indian Institutes of Technology or IITs,
which are worldwide renowned. However, the problem that I am facing is
that in Physics, Chemistry and even Maths, there are a whole lot of
graphics/diagrams etc. which I am not being able to understand that
well. Although I know braille, yet I am not that conversant using it,
as I have been using Computers since the 1st grade. At this point, I
need your advise as to how can I easily understand the complex
electric circuits (and other laws relating to it like Kirchhoff's and
Gauss's laws etc.), free body diagrams, rotational mechanics and other
3D pictures. Your advise in this respect will be highly valuable.

Anticipating a quick reply from your side,

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