[Blindmath] MathML issues

Mary Stores mstores at indiana.edu
Fri Oct 22 15:30:34 CDT 2010

Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate it.


Quoting Roopakshi Pathania <r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com>:

> Hi Mary
> I can?t navigate the web page that you have provided using Jaws and
> IE8. I can however scroll through the page when I open it in Firefox.
> You can test if MathPlayer is facilitating Jaws to read the Math
> correctly by visiting this web page as an example
> http://xbeta.org/wiki/show/Maximum-minimum+theorem
> Also, the shortcut to reach the security warning is Alt + N. Follow
> the directions read out after that.
> But I don?t think that is really your problem. Your sample webpage
> seems to have some problem.
> Regards

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