[Blindmath] Software to produce tactile diagrams for Geometry?

John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Fri Oct 29 13:24:05 CDT 2010

Hi Susan, all ViewPlus embossers produce 8 different dot heights, not just
the EmFuse, and all embossers can emboss SVG files from IVEO Viewer.  The
EmFuse is the only one that can make color tactiles larger than letter size
(in fact up to approx 12x18 inches) and can emboss and print color on both
sides of the paper.

Hope this helps.

John Gardner

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Producing multiple tactile diagrams for teaching materials is a separate 
problem from the need for a student to produce diagrams for a teacher.

As for the student who prefers Wiki Stix, I would think that swell paper 
would also work.  Has this been tried?  It's much faster than Wiki Stix.

I have a question for the people on this list.  Do you think it would be 
useful for students who need to read tactile diagrams to have specialized 
training prior to taking a course like geometry? It's hard to tell from the 
question whether the student could eventually learn to understand the 
diagrams in the book or not.  The problem could simply be that they've been 
poorly done.

I note that the newest Viewplus EmFuse embosser has eight different dot 
heights.  Also the Viewplus embossers can put dots anywhere, they are not 
confined to the normal location of the dots in braille cells. If a student 
could learn to read properly embossed tactile graphics, it opens up the 
possibility of automation.  There are many applications that generate 
diagrams in the form of standard SVG files which can be recognized by the 


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