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Greetings --
I haven't looked at your article yet but have some questions and comments.
First, while this is thread is on representation of math on braille displays 
rather than embossed, obviously a graphical representation of an equation 
can't be displayed, as is done in DotsPlus (my personal favorite).  But I am 
wondering where technology is going in the area of tactile displays -- I 
have read over the years I have been subscribed to these lists, that there 
are prototypes of refreshable tactile displays that should be able to 
support even some graphics, and the articles I have read is that they will 
supposedly be cheaper than conventional displays and will turn the industry 
on its ear - but then the product disappears and is never heard from.
Has anyone else read of such projects? Is there any hope of getting a 
tactile graphical display?
The first one i read about was developed in Spain, and others I have heard 
of are somewhere here in the US.
I am thinking by the time one makes it to market, blindness will be obsolete 
*smile* -- now has anyone heard about that project?*smile*

As for latex versus Nemeth, Nemeth is probably terser as you say, but latex 
is more widely known and therefore useful in exchanging homework with 
teachers.  I also consider latex to be easier to pick up (at least for 
English speakers), as the terms are English or abbreviations.

Anyway, my $0.02
Happy brailles...

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Many years ago I posted an article comparing LaTeX with Nemeth.  I know that
many braille readers much prefer some flavor or other of LaTeX to nothing
and possibly even to braille math.  However, the point of my article is to
show that Nemeth is generally terser than LaTeX and also how the design of
Nemeth makes it easier to read and remember.

I don't know how accessible this article is.  I'm mentioning it here
primarily for the benefit of the sighted persons on this list.  (I can't
remember if I've posted this before.)



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