[Blindmath] Accessible Physics Concepts for Blind Students

Richard Baldwin baldwin at dickbaldwin.com
Tue Jun 14 17:51:29 CDT 2011

I am the author of the eBook in the subject line.

I just learned of this list and subscribed to it.

I was happy to find several comments about my eBook and about the site in
the recent archives. I have a couple of questions.

The comments were:

1. The site has too many headings, and using ARIA landmarks would have been

2. You need to locate the Navigation heading to reach the table of content
for the course.

3. You might consider adding information on the BrailleBlaster project, which
will target especially STEM. There is an article on me and the project on
the April DAISY Planet. To find it, look for my name.

My questions are:

Regarding item 1 above, does this refer to the navigational material that
belongs to the site, or to the format of the modules that I have written and
posted on the site?

I'm not familiar with the term ARIA landmarks and my first look at what the
W3C has to say about the topic wasn't very enlightening. Can someone point
me to a beginner's tutorial on the topic? If that is a better approach, I
will be happy to switch to it once I know what it is and how to do it.

Regarding item 2 above, I am assuming that this has to do with the
organizational structure of the site itself and not with the material that I
have posted there. Is that a correct assumption?

Regarding item 3 above, at this point I simply don't know enough about
BrailleBlaster to talk about it. However, once I find a break in writing
technical modules for the eBook, I plan to provide a page containing a
variety of resources, and I will certainly include a link to the
BrailleBlaster site when I post those resources.

Thanks for the comments,
Dick Baldwin

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