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Design Science has a page which lists several online math courses built with MathML. I don't have enough familiarity with the sites to comment on other accessibility aspects of the sites mentioned (e.g., use of alt text on images, navigation intelligibility, etc.), but at least all the math equations will be accessible if you are using Internet Explorer with MathPlayer. Here's the page:

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hello all:
I have had some rather fragmented math between algebra and algebra2, not 
to mention I haven't done much in it for a while. I took a refresher 
course this year in college, but I have a question. I'm pretty good at 
math, especially when I can read something and then work examples, and 
check my answer, I have a friend who is willing to help out some, but he 
can't teach me everything. So this leads me to a question; are there 
resources out there for algebra, trig and calculous? I want to teach 
myself what I don't know and just pass through what I can so I can test 
out of some of these classes, as well as use the knowledge for other 
projects. I have been into software development for a few years now, and 
I have started looking into cryptography; as that is based entirely on 
math, I want a good understanding of what I need as well as resources to 
teach me what I don't know.

I have checked google a few different times. One of the first things I 
remember looking into was vectors, and I have checked into this a few 
times since. I want to get into audio game development, and I will need 
vectors in order to coordenate movements through out the game world, as 
well as define the position from which sounds are played. While I found 
some useful information and some code to help me out, a lot of what I 
found was pictures which rendered the information pretty much useless. 
There weren't just pictures of the vectors, but often the formulas and 
calculations themselves would be a picture with no alt-tag so that I can 
read it with either a screen reader or a braille display.

Any information would be appreciated.


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