[Blindmath] Doing Calculus Exam

Tim in 't Veld tim at dvlop.nl
Fri Apr 13 08:01:18 CDT 2012

Braille display:
When equations are complicated, they just become too long to have them 
read and memorize them. Not to mention that solving the equations with 
only speech output is extremely difficult and you're very likely to 
introduce errors in the process. The consensus is that you'll need 
either braille on paper or on a braille display if you want to have any 
hope of successfully dealing with mathematical equations, and even if 
you have this it is extremely challenging to avoid making mistakes when 
solving long equations. You just lack the overview other students get 
As Ryan mentions, Mathtype from Design Science could help you if your 
professors write a lot of equations in word equation editor. Mathtype 
will convert Word equations to lateX which is readable for blind users.

I have a few other tips for you but no time to write this all down; if 
you want we can talk on Skype (my skype name is timveld).

On 4/13/2012 8:29 AM, Duong Tuan Nam wrote:
> Dear all,
> Tim, Your guess is right. I'm from Vietnam.
> I am a freshman at computer science in Ho Chi Minh International 
> University.
> My school has two programs of study, one is 4 years in Vietnam, and the
> other is attendance the first two years in Vietnam and then study in 
> another
> university which links with my school. In the US, there are Illinois, 
> Rutgers, Houston which link to my school. I am currently atending in 
> the first program, 4 year in Vietnam.
> I do want to study in the US. However, to family, the course for study in
> the US is quite expensive. So I will soon try to search a scholarship 
> at those universities linking with my school.
> How do you ordinarily do your mathematical assignments?
> I've done some assignments and use text editor, but it need a long 
> time to finish. However, my professor seems not hard to check 
> students' homework. Most of my friends do their assignments by writing 
> solusion on
> book. And it's still ok. My homework has not been corrected as well.
> How do your professors produce exams?
> in physics, my professor use Microsoft Equation to do it. In Dcalculus is
> maybe the same way. But I am not sure for this.
> I am using Jaws 12. I don't know what benefits of Braille display when 
> we have
> screen reader? Can you explain me?
> Ryan, now I don't have Braille text book at all. I ask my friends and 
> my siblings read the lectures of my professors' (in Power Point or 
> PDF) when they have freetime. And I find it is not enough for me to 
> study, because they don't have much freetime to help me. And the 
> Alecture is the summary of the text book. My school study calculus in 
> James Stewart - Calculus 5th Edition.
> I think the big chance is I won't pass the two subjects this time but 
> I try with the lack of many things. It's nearly the midterm exam.
> Nam
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> I agree with Tim. Here in the US we do produce exams in a format the 
> student is most comfortable with. We are a transcribing agency and do 
> many different exams for numerous states - both at the k-12 and 
> university level.
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> Question for you.  Who publishes your math/physics textbooks?  This 
> might be important to making a case.  Maybe your teacher needs some 
> support as well. Does anyone know a vendor that would take care of 
> reproducing an exam in the Braille format or software that would pump 
> it out in some way?
> I'm also curious about this on a personal basis.
> Ryan
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:45 AM, Tim in 't Veld <tim at dvlop.nl> wrote:
>> Buong,
>> In my university (Utrecht university, Netherlands) all professors
>> produce their exams in lateX, so I can just take the standard exams
>> (as long as no images are involved) and do them on my computer.
>> However, if you don´t have a braille display I don´t see how you could
>> do university level mathematics on a computer.
>> What is your field of study and in which university are you enrolled?
>> How do you ordinarily do your mathematical assignments? How do your
>> professors produce exams?
>> In Europe and the United States universities would be required
>> (usually by
>> law) to provide you with the exam in a format that is accessible for
>> you but I get the impression you are from somewhere in Asia where
>> resources and legal protection may be more limited.
>> Tim
>> On 4/12/2012 8:19 AM, Duong Tuan Nam wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I need to ask my teacher to organize the calculus and physics exam 
>>> for me.
>>> My university doesn't have Braille meterials as well as the
>>> accessible tool for the blind.
>>> Could anyone tell me how did you do the exam?
>>> Fews days ago, I thought I may do on computer, use test editor. But I
>>> try it and I feel difficult because I can't move the cursor as fast
>>> as my fingers on Braille. And it's slower to catch all things on the
>>> computer than Braille paper.
>>> For example, if I need to find 4 variation A, B, C, D of a group of 4
>>> equations.
>>> Could anyone give me some advice and tell me your experience?
>>> I much appreciate your help.
>>> Thank you in advance,
>>> Nam
>>> Duong Tuan Nam
>>> Email: tuannamduong at gmail.com
>>> Yahoo ID: tuannamfriend
>>> Skype Name: duongtuannam1992
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