[Blindmath] Learning the Nemeth Code

Susan Osterhaus osterhauss at tsbvi.edu
Sat Jun 9 19:16:56 CDT 2012

I'm delighted to hear about those of you planning to teach yourself Nemeth
Code. I did the same about 34 years ago. However, I didn't have all the
wonderful resources that are now available.

Therefore, I put together a page on my website entitled
Math Education and Nemeth
can go to www.tsbvi.edu/math and click on the link above or go directly to
the horribly long URL of:

Once there, you will find:
 Publications Available to Learn Nemeth
Other Ways to Learn Nemeth
Nemeth Code Reference
and much more.
What I fail to mention under my publications page is that the Nemeth Code
book and Craig book are also available as brf files at:
http://www.brailleauthority.org/mathscience/math-science.html This link
also contains all Nemeth updates, the Chemistry Code, and the Computer
Braille Code as brf files. However, someone else already mentioned that.

The Other Ways to Learn Nemeth Code page includes the Hadley course (that
someone mentioned) and the Computerized Nemeth Tutor, which is now
available for the BrailleNote, and is something you might wish to consider.
The page also talks about the BRL: Braille Through Remote Learning
Homepage. Although the course is no longer being supported by instructors,
there is a great deal of useful information available at this website for

The Nemeth Code Reference Sheets page includes the NBP reference sheet that
someone mentioned . (There is a print and braille version, but the braille
version is the most exciting because in addition to explaining how to
braille each math symbol in Nemeth Code, it also shows a tactile graphic of
what the corresponding print symbol looks like.) There are also several
other Nemeth Reference Sheets that can be downloaded for free and the APH
basic one that is relatively inexpensive.

Hope this helps.

On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 4:07 PM, Louis Maher <ljmaher at swbell.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> The National Braille Press (nbp.org) has a Nemeth Code Braille Reference
> card (which is a small pamphlet) from which you could learn the nemeth
> code.
> Regards
> Louis Maher
> 713-444-7838
> ljmaher at swbell.net
> http://www.nfbtx.org/localchapters/houston
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> Hi Everyone:
> I have a background in Engineering and I recently "graduated"from the
> Training Center for the Blind in Michigan. They don't teach Nemeth there so
> I was wondering where I could learn it. Or is it easy enough that I could
> buy a book and learn it on my own?
> Thanks
> Daniel Garcia
> Northville, MI
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