[Blindmath] Braille and graphics embosser suggestions?

Gabriela Moats gmoats at haverford.edu
Fri Dec 6 12:52:19 UTC 2013

Does anyone have a low-end Braille and tactile graphics embosser they like
and would recommend? We are looking into purchasing one that would produce
just around 20-50 STEM related handouts for a single student per week. So
far we're leaning towards at Enabling Technologies' Phoenix embosser, View
Plus' Tiger Max or Spot Dot, and Index's Everest or Basic embossers. A
couple people mentioned View Plu's low-end embosser Embraille to me
originally, but I was recently advised by the company that might not be
high enough quality for science materials.. Does anyone have experience
with this? Also, I'm wondering if people recommend View Plus' software
Tiger over Enabling Tech's Firebird Suite or Index's Tactile View,
especially related to producing labels in Nemeth if I don't know Nemeth.



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