[Blindmath] ASCII math

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 18:56:36 CST 2013

Hi all,

Has anyone here used ASCII Math from

I am working on creating a process for book producers to easily produce Math
books in India. We have been looking at various tools such as Microsoft Word
and MathType and the infty editor. I am told that for a transcriber,
Microsoft Word and MathType are very slow since you have to select text and
then produce equations or something like that. Infty Editor is still under
evaluation. However, my concern is that the transcriber will have to get
used to a new interface and all book producers may not have the program. 

ASCII math looks like a good compromise which is why I am seeking feedback
on it. The idea is to then integrate it into a DAISY book.

Yes, we have thought about LaTex but that could be too complex for
transcribers to learn. Most transcribers would be sighted so anything that
allows for point and click is good.

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