[Blindmath] ASCII math

Susan Jolly easjolly at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jan 9 15:13:57 CST 2013

I would definitely NOT choose ASCIIMathML as a general solution.  This 
system is quite incomplete and was designed for simple math.

I strongly suggest Word with MathType for sighted persons.  There are 
various options so users can learn appropriate shortcuts as they get more 
familiar with the system.  And don't forget that in a typical document there 
is a lot of repetition so that much time can be saved by using copy and 
paste for parts of expressions as well as whole expressions.

By the way, many math transcribers in the US prefer to enter Nemeth math 
directly.  I think this is a poor solution.  First, it makes proofreading 
almost impossible. Second, it requires considerable specialist training. 
Finally, and most importantly, even though it may take some time and effort 
to fully implement an automatic process for translating MathML to braille 
math, once it is done it will be much more reliable, efficient, and cheaper 
than humans could ever be.

There is a wonderful company in India called River Valley Technologies with 
a business based on converting from LaTeX to MathML. CV Radhakrishnan, one 
of the founders, is very experienced, very generous and has a deep 
understanding of the issues surrounding electronic math.  I would suggest 
you contact them for advice.

There is another company in India called Webel Mediatronics that sells 
software to support  braille production in various Indian languages and 
software called WIMATS for converting to Nemeth braille.  My understanding 
is that WIMATS has its own input system for math.

Best wishes,
Susan Jolly 

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