[Blindmath] all the ways blind can write math on the computer

Tara Annis tannis at afb.net
Wed Mar 13 14:44:34 CDT 2013


I wanted to know all the ways it's possible for a blind person using a screen reader to type out math using a computer or smartphone.  Basically, all the ways for a blind person to create electronic math text.  I'm interested in teh less conventional ways like prototypes made  by research scientists.   
Mor specifically, can a screen  reader use math type to  put equations into Duxbury or Microsoft Word?  Or, do we still have to use Scientific Notebook?  Speaking of Scientific Notebook, do we have to use Dragon Naturally Speaking with it?   Or, is it possible, even if it takes some memorization of keystrokes for when the screen reader cannot recognize certain portions, to use without voice recognition software?  I wanted to find a way to put nemeth into a duxbury document without having to use dragon, scientific notebook, and Jay Say program for jaws to work with dragon.
 If there are other methods, do you all know of tutorials made for blind persons that go step by step?  

I know print math so thought about trying to use a touch screen with stylus to write out print versions that are then translated into etext using math type or windows math input panel.  I think if the menus in the software  are accessible, this  should work.  I'm hoping I can write out a few print equations on the  touchscreen, then maybe there's a keystroke to select all and change  into Math Type or Latex?  Do you all have experience with this method?  I think it could be very useful and easy-to-use for all blind; you'd just have to learn the print version of all numbers and symbols, which would actually be  easier than learning all the letters I would guess.
I know Design Science talks about Math type and its compatibility with touchscreens so definitely  think it's  possible; you'd think they'd want to make it 100% accessible so it could be used along with math player.  

Have  you tried the Chatty program?  Are there going to be new versions coming out?  I've been looking for a tutorial for it too.

Lastly, does the accessible graphing calculator scientific calculator  section allow a cut/paste of its equations into word or some other accessible way of playback?


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