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When I was at Iowa State University (1965-69) all of my electronics engineering, physics, chemistry, and higher-level calculus textbooks were recorded on tape, either by people working with the Iowa Commission for the Blind, or reading for me on campus.  The only textbook I had in braille was a first-level calculus text, by Thomas, in about 30 volumes, which had been independently transcribed in Nemeth braille by two different volunteer groups a few years earlier.  I had been using braille textbooks in Taylor code and Nemeth code up to that point.

Braille was helpful.  Whenever I came across equations or identities that looked fundamentally important, I would use my Perkins brailler and write them out.  I took a lot of braille notes in class using a slate and stylus.  I would take many tests with a brailler for working out the problem, then dictating my solution steps to a reader.  I know that being able to break down an audio reading of an equation into manageable pieces would be helpful.  I can't picture doing some of this on a refreshable one-line braille display.  But you work with the tools that are available and combine them creatively to solve problems and communicate results.

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Yikes! I'm still a ways away from my own relearning of calculus... Gotta get my grip on the braille codes and conceptualizing it all without seeing it. I can't imagine doing it in audio only, though! Hm...

Now I want to ask how many can manage calculus with audio courses? I'm suddenly curious. Also, I'm thinking that if I hear a bunch of other people can do it, I'll get over my own struggles with conceptualizing math and a couple of other things through audio. I prefer braille, honestly, for many things, but have a feeling I limit my own resources by whining when I'm trying to listen... /grin/


On 03/20/2013 11:20 AM, Ken Perry wrote:
> When I like to buff up I go back to the books I learned it from on rfbd.  Of
> course now I have to go to learning Ally but hey who's keeping track of all
> those things.  I can tell you they have lots of text books though and if
> you're a book learner who can learn by audible it no class needed.
> With hat said a lot of the colleges like MIT and others now have their
> courses you can audit on line.  You don't get the credits but you can watch
> the class.
> Ken
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> I need to relearn calculus. I have a BS in math so 30years ago I went way
> beyond calculus. But I don't remember a darn thing from back then.
> Can anyone recommend a good on-line course or perhaps just a place with good
> accessibility that offers on-line math courses?
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