[Blindmath] MyMathLab and inaccessible etext

Andy B. sonfire11 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 22:05:09 CDT 2013

I am taking a college algebra class at school. The entire class is done in
MathLAB including the textbook. Unfortunately, I cannot get the textbook in
a usable format for screen readers; I use JAWS 14 and Windows 8. I told the
school to request MathML, but the publisher said that the only format they
have is an unlocked pdf file. I do not trust these pdf files for math
because JAWS reads left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Considering the
following things, what should I do to successfully get my math credit?


1.       I was required to buy into the class and textbook before having the
ability to evaluate the accessibility of the textbook.

2.       The school cannot get the textbook in a usable format

3.       The publisher claims the textbook is online, and there is no screen
reader usable format to give.

4.       The school cannot change the textbook because it alters the very
nature of the class.



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