[Blindmath] Pascal's Triangle in Braille?

Laura Nelson nels7075 at umn.edu
Wed Jul 30 13:42:31 UTC 2014

If this indeed does not exist I may be able to generate this diagram using
LaTeX to make a PDF with braille that will be printable with an embosser
like the Tiger Cub.  I would need to know what type of embosser you are
using to make sure the page dimensions and Braille font are correct.

How much of the triangle do you need to depict? Would going down to the 5th
row be adequate?

Laura Nelson
Senior Access Assistant
University of Minnesota

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 9:15 PM, Alexa Schriempf via Blindmath <
blindmath at nfbnet.org> wrote:

> Dear Listers:
> Today I made a Braille version of Pascal's triangle for a student. Needless
> to say, because I could not adjust the font size of the Braille, and
> because our paper is 11 inches wide, I had some issues with recreating it
> with Duxbury and our embosser.
> Pascal's Triangle is a very specific pattern of numbers, and the
> orientation of the numbers is carefully placed in a honeycomb pattern. To
> make 4 digit numbers fit in the honeycomb slot of the same size that holds
> a 1 digit number, typical images of Pascal's triangle simply use a smaller
> font size. This does not work when using Braille of course.
> I tried to put this in a table, but the table cells need to be staggered.
> In the end, I I simply printed out each row and cut the rows into strips,
> taped the strips together where needed, and then glued the whole thing to
> cardboard.
> However, while this will work for understanding some of the basics, it
> won't help where it's necessary to see how the numbers align physically on
> the paper because the inability to change the size and spacing of Braille
> dots means that I can't fit a four digit number to fit underneath a 2 digit
> number.
> Surely, this learning object must already exist in Braille someplace?
> Please advise.
> Thank you so much!
> Alexa
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