[Blindmath] doubt regarding matrix operations

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When I did it there was no excel so I just used a text editor and wrote out
the matrixes in a text file.  I know braille would have been better but I
was a new blind guy and I wasn't waiting for my braille skills to get good
enough to do math.  It's a good thing to its now 23 years later and my
braille skills are just now getting good enough.

Anyway If I was doing matrixes today I would have two things. Excel and the
new Orion TI-84.  I will note I am a bit biased because I am involved with
the Orion TI-84 project.   

I would have the calculator so I didn't have to do the transforms by hand
but the truth is you don't need a calculator to do this stuff.  In fact it
is good to learn to do the elementary transform by hand.  Excel is a great
tool for this because you can swap rows, and move up and down between the
elements and change or not change them. You can do this with an editor as I
did when I was in school but it is easier to screw the problem up because
the elements are not in their own defined fields like they are in a spread

If a teacher wants to see you do the work you could block the rows in a
spread sheet move down and past the matrix then make your row calculation
and then do it again till your done with the problem. It is almost as good
as doing with paper if not quite as fast.


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hello all,
i'm an undergraduate student persuing b.sc degree. in my mathematics
syllabus their is one module based on matrices. in this module the
mainly discussing topic is the elementary transformation.   i dont
know how to do this elementary transformation since it needs more visual
comparison. means we need to compare and check the elements in each row and
coloumns. i'm having 20% vision, so i do  problems with linear type
equations using large pointed black sketch pens. i'm not able to read it
well but the teachers can value it as my internal exam papers. but in the
case of this operations i'm  not able to do like that. i'm using my laptop
to study. i'm using win 7 os with MS office 2007.please suggest me a method
to do this. it is an urgent help.

With Warm Regards,
Rejin Jose
email:m2rejin at gmail.com

Have a Great Day......

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