[Blindmath] Stata

Shickeytha Chandler shickeytha at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 22:55:54 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I am doing a graduate-level research project that involves working
with a rather large data set (99 variables, over 2 million
observations). I am just beginning to learn Stata. Their website
indicates that the software is Section 508 compliant... However, my
correspondence with Stata technical support has proven less than
helpful. First, they advised me that NVDA is much more compatible with
Stata than JAWS. So, since NVDA is available free of charge (and
because I have been wanting to explore NVDA anyway), I downloaded it.
I immediately noticed that NVDA was not reading the results window,
and, in fact, there were some things that JAWS was reading that NVDA
did not read. Then I discovered that I could create a text log and
save my sessions that way, and when I opened the separate text file,
it would read everything from the results window. That seems to be
working, but I am not yet proficient enough with the software to
really know if it is copying everything it is supposed to copy into
the text log (and subsequently reading everything to me via screen
reader). When I told tech support that the results window was not
being read, they advised adjusting the scrollback buffer to 32 under
the "preferences" menu. I went there only to find that this setting
involves a sliding bar and has no alternative way to adjust the
setting (such as check box, combo box, button, etc.) To my knowledge,
no screen reader can adjust slider bars. (Please correct me if I'm

Anyway, the bottom line is I am wondering if anyone can provide me
with any guidance on using JAWS or NVDA with Stata. Thanks in advance
for any advice or resources.



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