[Blindmath] How do I download and install the Liblouis braille editing software?

Saaqib Mahmuud saaqib1978 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 30 18:24:24 UTC 2016

Hi dear BlindMath mailing list members? Hope you're fine. 

Although my query is not directly related to mathematics and the blind, answers here can benefit other people as well. 

I've learnt that there is an open source braille editor called Liblouis. Visit this page. 

And, here is the link to their downloads page. 

On this page, under the heading "Stable Versions" there are three items available for download: a .zip file and two .tar.gz files. Am I right? 

But the problem is I'm just not able to figure out exactly which file in any of the three downloaded items should I run in order to install and run the Liblouis braille editor on my desktop PC. 

Can anybody please help me with this issue?


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