[Blindmath] Opening SAS Data Files in SAS with JAWS 17

Godfrey, Jonathan A.J.Godfrey at massey.ac.nz
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I'm afraid you won't find too many active participants on this list who use SAS often enough to answer your question.
Your question isn't actually a JAWS question, but it might be a screen reader issue; I do doubt that however because I believe this is a problem faced by many SAS users.

In the first instance, I believe this is the sort of issue your department should be sorting out with you. I firmly believe that if a student has to use specified software, that the relevant staff should be ready to support all students, blind or sighted. Importing data is such a fundamental activity for any statistical software that the staff should be able to help you. This means that if they don't know how to answer your question immediately, that they have an obligation to find out for you.

A second strategy might be to track down the accessibility experts at SAS. I definitely think this is plan B though. 

Personally, I'd be looking to open that file in some other software first, but if I recall correctly this isn't an option you have at present.


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Hi folks, 


How do you perform procedures/prepare a data set for performing procedures located on your PC in a .sas7bdat file? It seems like it shouldn't be difficult, but this is way beyond the simple streight-forward analisis I've done with Excel in the past. I've found web help, but I can't get all the information I need to properly "reference?" the data set. I omitted the "NEWVAR" statement because I can't physically see the data set and I don't know what the tables look like. 


Basicly, how do I work with data originating from someone else's SAS data that I have no clue what it looks like with JAWS in SAS? 



Help much appreciated.




Zachary Mason

M.S. Student

Animal and Dairy Sciences

Mississippi State University


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