[Blindmath] Accessible Materials - from Nube obviously

Rick Thomas ofbgmail at mi.rr.com
Sat Nov 26 13:23:30 UTC 2016

Hi: I am still slogging through some math websites and considering where to
buy or rent books from.
There is mathML, laTex and I just ran upon a site that loaded something
called MathJacks type which I think has to do with accessibility - havent
done much with these 3 yet.
I see a posting where a member is looking for a book to buy or borrow - is
this legal with e-books, if so are there folks out here who might have a
linear algebra book they found particularly accessible and understandable?
This can be an audio book or another format as mentioned above.
I am almost 70 years old and wont likely be learning braille which I know
would likely be the best bet but it is what it is so either audio or screen
reader accessible sites and books are what I am hoping to find.
Also, If you know of specific authors, Readers or Titles and sources could
you post up?
Rick USA

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