[Blindmath] running software from the command line

Godfrey, Jonathan A.J.Godfrey at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 20 08:50:34 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've been tidying up a bunch of notes and experiments I have run over the years on running software from the command line. I've posted on the list about this before because I do think it is an invaluable skill to get sorted out by anyone wanting to use any statistical or mathematical software.

These notes now appear on

I've still got a few to add but I'd welcome feedback in the meantime.

It currently includes one contribution from Theodor Loots (mathematica) that I adapted following his post on  this list a few years ago, and another from his use of SAS will come soon enough. Thanks T.

I have to run some remaining jobs on lab machines because I don't have every software option immediately available anymore.

If you have a worked example for software not on my list then please do share it with me off-list. You'll get the credit.


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