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It is important in this day that things like this get put on github.  You
would be amazed at companies, and individuals that are looking for things
like this.  You say that it will take a transcriber level knowledge.  APH
has that knowledge and Software Engineers to boot.  WE are always looking
for stuff like this to use and improve on.  Do you have an github account so
that people can find, contribute to, and use this in other products?  


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I don't know what happened to Nemetex but perhaps it was similar to my
experience. More than eight years ago I announced the beta test for BackNem
and got no real interest even though this was a free and open source
program. BackNem back translated Nemeth math and text to MathML and HTML and
handled all of Nemeth linear math and most of the planar math. Then, since
there was no user base, I couldn't attact outside help for user support,
distribution, etc. My impression is that even on this list there are very
few Nemeth users.

And before anyone asks, it is extremely unlikely that  someone else has the
background to take over BackNem development at this time. It requires
transcriber-level knowledge of all of Nemeth, professional-level experience
in Java, expertise in ANTLR including converting ANTLR 3 grammars to ANTLR
4, and a good understanding of MathML not to mention being able to work
full-time either as a volunteer or by finding your own support.

Susan J
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