[BlindMath] Thoughts on Using IDEs (was C++ IDE)

Susan Jolly easjolly at ix.netcom.com
Sat Oct 21 01:23:20 UTC 2017

HI Ken, thanks for links.

I wasn't intending to start a discussion of the general pros and cons of
using IDEs which I agree is more suited to a programming list.  I also agree 
the focus of this list is math and related accessibility issues but a lot of
the students here also deal with programming.

I'd realized some time ago that programming classes sometimes require the
use of IDEs which I feel can be a bad idea, especially if it brings up
accessibility or other issues that distract from the main topic.  The
earlier thread reminded me about the topic. I couldn't remember whether I'd 
made the same point before so that's why I posted it.


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