[BlindMath] dot language: shrinking diagrams to fit the screen

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 02:08:35 UTC 2018

Hi Lukasz,

See the below  example.
1. An analyst gets an alert.
2. He checks if the alert is a false positive or not.
3. If it is a false positive, he documents that and closes it.
4. If the alert needs more investigation, he does so.
5. If the analyst determines that the alert has to be converted to an
incident, he does so and sends it to the  incident manager.
6. The incident manager does his own checking.
7. If he determines the incident is genuine, he raises it.
8. If not, he documents that and closes the case.
9. If the incident is raised, the incident manager then does more things.


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