[BlindMath] accessible reference management software

Natalya Dell natalya.dell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:21:16 UTC 2018

I'm a sighted disability and assistive tech adviser from the UK.

In 2015 or so I coordinated a comprehensive testing of Endnote with a
sighted but expert JAWS user (who understood code issues) and an Endnote
trainer to see if Endnote would work for a JAWS using student.  The
outcome was 40% accessible at best with multiple ways for the JAWS user
to get completely lost. The Endnote code wasn't great, if the developers
had labelled elements properly this would have apparently helped a lot.

JAWS scripting might have helped, but it would have been very very
expensive to do and needed updating with either Endnote or JAWS updates.

I did not find Endnote's developer company especially helpful when I
tried to talk to them about access - very much expected us to do free
testing and accessibility consultancy for them.

I haven't seen any updated info to suggest Endnote has improved
substantially since then but it might have done.


On 12/03/18 14:11, White, Jason J via BlindMath wrote:
> I've recently been investigating the same question. So far, I haven't found any solutions with which I'm satisfied.
> My solution so far has generally been to maintain BibTeX files manually. Some bibliographic databases (e.g., Google Scholar) can export BibTeX, which you can then manually copy into a text editor.
> I've tried Zotero and reported some of its accessibility problems on GitHub. However, the developers appear to have a plan to rewrite it as a node.js application (rather than a Mozilla Firefox/XUL application as it is now, even when run stand-alone). Wehther they'll make it accessible during the rewrite remains an open question.
> The developers of EndNote have published claims about its accessibility pursuant to section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act in the U.S., but I haven't tried it yet.
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>> Hello everyone.
>> What are the variants for accessible  reference management software?
>> I'm interested in applications such as  Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote and the like
>> that are accessible for screenreaders.
>> Which of the products in this class meet these requirements?
>> Sincerely, Nikita.
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