[BlindMath] Superscripts, Subscripts, and Summation Sign Combinations in Nemeth Code

Nicholas J 314nick15 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 17:49:57 UTC 2018


I have been starting to use nemeth code more now and it has been a great help. The only thing I have run into that I have had a hard time figuring out is putting superscripts in subscripted material, putting subscripts in superscripted material, and putting summations in superscripted material. For example, I have tried to do something like M sub X squared with x squared being in the subscript. I use dots 134 for M, dots 56 for starting the subscript, dots 1346 for X, dots 45 for the start of the subscript, dots 23 for 2, and dot 5 to go to the baseline. I get the squared term on the M. An example for superscripts is when I have e exponent the sum from i equals one to n of x sub i. I put e, dots 15, exponent, dots 45, the usual summation order of dots, dot 5 dots 46 dot 6 dots 234 dots 146 dots 24 braille space dots 46 dots 13 braille space dot 2 dots 126 dots 1345 and dots 12456, dots 1346 for X, dots 56 for subscript, dots 24 for i, and then dot 5. I get different errors about parentheses or superscripts and subscripts not being closed. My last example is e exponent X sub one end sub plus X sub 2 end sub and so on all in the exponent. I have tried the usual things for superscripts and subscripts, but get similar answers to the errors in the previous example. Are these things I am trying to do possible to do in nemeth code? If so, how would they be done?

Thank you,

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