[BlindMath] Using the TocBuilder to add table of contents in Braille Blaster

William Freeman wfreeman at aph.org
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So the TOC Builder identifies the page number in a list of text. Basically, we're starting with a line that looks like the following:

Chapter I 12

So the TOC Builder would look at that line and know that 12 is likely the page number. It then formats the margins and adds the guide dots. The main thing is that you must have the text to start with before it can do anything. You and I have already discussed in a BrailleBlaster ticket how we could automate a TOC generation but, for now, know that you'd need to first type out the text you want to use and add the page number that you want to use to the end of the line and then you can select all of the text and let the TOC Builder add the Guide Dots.

If you want your TOC distributed to each of your volumes, you add the Volume Division at the appropriate location in the TOC. You have to add this manually as it varies from book to book. Then once you've added all of your volume division, you use the Disperse to Volumes button and it will automatically put the appropriate TOC info in each volume.

This process is not entirely intuitive and I am sorry for any issues that you've had. Part of the issue is how complex TOCs are in braille and so there are quite a lot of rules and a lot of information is needed from the user since TOCs in braille vary so greatly from TOCs in print. While a professional textbook TOC building process will likely not get any better, we can work on a process that is better for more casual documents and for braille-first documents.

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Hi all,

I am trying to convert a plain text document into a BRF format for embossing using the APH Braille Blaster. I successfully split it into seven volumes and added the T-Pages. However, can anyone help me add a toc pages to the braille volumes? I don't understand how the TOCBuilder that comes with it works: I added centered headings and Cell 5 headings by marking the headings. But I can't produce TOCPages. Please help, if anyone knows how as a totally blind person I can produce a good Braille set of volumes. I am using NVDA as my screenreader on Windows 10.



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