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Thu Apr 16 12:37:05 UTC 2020

My understanding is that if someone installs the MathType Player plugin, equations will be read out as text in Word and in HTML in NVDA.
The player also allows users to navigate to components of the equation

MathPlayer Installing and Uninstalling<https://docs.wiris.com/en/mathplayer/start#installing_and_uninstalling_mathplayer>
MathPlayer Navigation Commands in Word<https://docs.wiris.com/en/mathplayer/navigation_commands>
User Manual<https://docs.wiris.com/en/mathplayer/start>

Hope this helps.


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Hello there,

I?m a blind person currently tutoring a blind high school student in accessible math. I?m used to writing all my math and layout in LaTeX and haven?t needed word for any of what I do, but since she typically uses word I wonder whether there are any accessible ways to render a math equation you?ve written in LaTeX syntax into a word document. I?ve looked into a few software options, and I see that Mathtype is the one NFB recommends, but I thought I?d ask here for recommendations on how to proceed.

I?m also very curious in general how other people write their math for exams and alike, since I?ve never really been in a position where I need to find a good solution for another person. I am a data scientist by education and migrated to LaTeX because I like to only have to worry about logical form rather than visual form, but I?m having second thoughts on whether it?s the best idea to recommend this course to a high school student or whether the learning curve is too steep.

As an addendum, I?m Danish and we typically aren?t very familiar with Nemeth braille notation.

Thanks in advance,


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