[BlindMath] Your experience of learning LaTeX

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 14:38:26 UTC 2020


I'm most grateful for the contributions. I promised, in my original post,
to summarize and disseminate what you've said. In this post, I make a start
on this. I list contributors and URLs. Commentary and suggestions will
follow later.

Here's the structure.

1. The contributors.
2. URLs you've supplied
2a. Already existing blindmath links
2b. Learning LaTeX links
2c. Other links
3. Commentary
4. Suggestions

1. The Contributors

Nic Spohn
Jason White
Jonathan Godfrey
Peter Prayner
Al Maneki
Alysha Jeans

2. URLs

2a. Already existing blindmath LaTeX links

Here's a 2012 article on using LaTeX. It's written by Al Maneki and Alysha
Jeans, who are blind STEM professionals. It appears in a Technology special
edition of the NFB publication Future Reflections

Here's a collection of Blindmath LaTeX gems, from 2004 to 2011. Most seem
to have come from the Blindmath mailing list. They're published by the
National Centre for Blind Youth in Science.

Here's a list of all the Blindmath gems

Aside. Here's link to google search latex on blindscience.org

Below are the learning LaTeX links you supplied.

2b. Learning LaTeX links

Here's an online guide to using LaTeX, managed by Peter Flynn

Here's an online reference manual for LaTeX (unofficial), managed by Karl

Here's three online books written by Nicola Talbot. The books are for
Complete Novices, for PhD students, and for Administrative work.

Here's a guide to Getting Started with LaTeX, written by David Wilkins

Here's a page on Mathematics Mode that we recommended

2c. Other links

Here's a blueprint for a multi-year project to allow LaTeX to create tagged
PDF, from the LaTeX team. (Note: link is to a PDF.)

I think this is enough for now. Commentary and suggestions to follow later.

with best wishes


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