[BlindMath] Questions about Nemeth and UEB

Sarah Erb slcerb at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 13:43:47 UTC 2023

Wherever you decide start, here are some resources for
Your reference:

*UEBONLINE* has UEB maths tutorials

*Other resources are also listed on the PROJECT INSPIRE’s website, which is
at the bottom of this email.


*Pearson’s Accessible equation editor*

*USC’s ProjeCT INPSIRE* has their own resources listed for NEMETH, and
other great resources listed for both Maths Codes. They are a fabulous

*Article from BANA *

Happy learning!

Sarah Erb
Parents of a blind 3rd grader who is learning both codes.

On Wed, Apr 5, 2023 at 11:41 PM Kendra Schaber via BlindMath <
blindmath at nfbnet.org> wrote:

> Hi all!
> I just finished my last math class that I need in order to graduate my
> local community college and I'm very happy about that! I have always used
> Nemeth Code during every single math class I have ever taken throughout
> college. I also took 2 years of Spanish and when I learned braille, I
> learned it on the older system of braille that used to be used everywhere
> in the United States and is still preferred by many Americans today. It's
> called English Braille American Edition which used to be used alongside
> Nemeth. I later chose to learn UEB in preparation for college. Because of
> all this, I can read and write English Braille American Edition(EBAE), or
> just US Braille, and UEB fluently. I can read and write Nemeth fluently
> through Algebra, though I'm not very good with the actual math itself. I
> can read Spanish braille more fluently than I can write it, and I can also
> work my way around UEB Math with relative ease. I can also read contracted
> and uncontracted braille fluently. Since there are a lot of matereals
> already transcribed in Nemeth Code, I would start there, though I'm not
> against anyone who chooses to give UEB math a try. I also disagree that
> Nemeth is on its death bed. Nemeth is not on its death bed because if it
> were, there would be a lot fewer people who would know it or use it than
> there currently are, especially here in the US. From my experiences with
> languages, math, Braille and  any forms they appear are all codes, not
> languages because they can co-exist with any language, work with, or more
> like, be molded to fit, other languages seamlessly. Braille is made up of
> 6 or 8 dots and has been molded to fit many languages and alfebets. Math
> has its own system of rules but they are universal across all languages
> and the only bit that needs to be molded to fit each language is where
> ever it is written in a language such as English or Spanish is located
> within the usage of the math code. Never-the-less, any of them can be
> learned by anyone who is capable of learning codes and/or math. Also, if
> you are doing it for college, you'll need to have an idea of what system
> your school will support or which one it has access to in braille. If you
> are in the K through 12 educational system, you'll need to figure out what
> code your state prefers and which one everyone on your IEP team will also
> support because that could dictate which one you'll be allowed to use. If
> you are doing it as a hobby, you can experiment all you want with any
> resource you want as well. I found a good tutorial for Nemeth online and I
> have also found another similar one for UEB Math. Go ahead and google both
> Nemeth Code, and Unified English Braille and have fun exploring! I
> wouldn't recommend you to just type in Nemeth in a search without also
> using the word "Code" because that will include people who have Nemeth as
> their last name instead of the braille code. I hope this helps!
> Kendra
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> Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.
> I had a question about Braille math.
> I work with math audibly, using a screen reader, but I have been
> interested in learning braille math recently. I can read both contracted,
> and I'm contracted braille.. my question is: should I learn Nemeth or UEB
> math? I definitely love to learn both, but I'd like to learn one of them
> fully before doing the other. Which one is the better one? Which one is
> more efficient, and which one is more common in the United States.?
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Dana Ibrahim
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