[BlindMath] Mathpix versus InftyReader

Rastislav Kish rastislav.kish at protonmail.com
Wed Jul 5 01:00:17 UTC 2023


I guess it depends on the use case.

I have tried some images with Infty reader, but I didn't get any 
meaningful output, just a load of random characters.

Mathpix, on the other hand, performed quite well, there was no PDF 
OCR+Math recognition back at the time, so I developed a small utility to 
help me capture the equations :)


Now, Mathpix offers a complete PDF recognition, including OCR and 
automatic math expressions processing. After their algorithm rewrite 
some time ago, the results were quite impressive, at least on the 
relatively simple test I tried.

I didn't do a more complex testing afterwards, since I had enough of 
accessible material for the time.

I'm not sure about the Mathpix software interface, but their API is 
simple enough to be used from a script via curl.

I could write a simple terminal utility for Mathpix processing documents 
if you don't want to bother with the documentation. ;)

Best regards


Dňa 3. 7. 2023 o 12:08 Bert Van Landeghem via BlindMath napísal(a):
> Dear all,
> Has anybody done a fairly thorough comparison of InftyReader and Mathpix?
> Are there differences in performance between the two packages? Also, how
> accessible is Mathpix for Windows? I have downloaded the software but do
> not seem to be able to tab from the Create account button to the Login
> button. Mathpix also has an API which allows developers to use the OCR in
> their own applications. Is there any interesting software (under
> development) using the API which is worth considering?
> Kind regards,
> Bert
> Kind regards,
> Bert
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