[BlindRUG] BRLThis() Question

Godfrey, Jonathan A.J.Godfrey at massey.ac.nz
Fri Aug 28 02:27:09 UTC 2015


The BRLThis() functionality is quite experimental at this stage and we need to work out what problems will limit its usefulness.

With respect to your error message, ghost script is software outside of R that must be installed. It may be installed as part of LaTeX installation such as miktex. You may need to install separately though. This will add the external tool that adds any font to a pdf document.

I'm away from my embossers for the next three weeks but will be monitoring email and can try a few things or make suggestions.

Good luck,

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  Hello List,
  I am very happy that we now have BrailleR version 0.22.0
with incredible functions updated. I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Godfrey and other contributors for continuous updates.
  BRLThis(), one of the new functions, was what I really wanted to have in R.
  I, however, am not able to use this feature for some reason. I am seeking a solution.
  The below are my commands and the results:
##My Commands:
with(airquality, BRLThis(hist(Ozone), "Ozone-hist.pdf"))

Error in embedFonts(file = file, format = format, outfile = outfile, options = paste(paste("-I", :
GhostScript was not found>
  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  Best Wishes,


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