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Godfrey, Jonathan A.J.Godfrey at massey.ac.nz
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I’ve just played with NVDA and been able to replicate the annoying letter by letter feedback in the R terminal. It doesn’t happen in the R GUI version though. Patience showed me that the echo of words follows the echo of letters, but that isn’t all that helpful. Perhaps a more knowledgeable NVDA user could offer suggestions on this topic.

I’m using a keyboard with the additional number pad so I can review the screen quickly using numpad 7 8 and 9 to move up and down  line by line to review my work. For efficiency, I think NVDA users might prefer the R GUI experience at present. My reason is that the silence of the R GUI is better than the irritation described above. NVDA is more efficient than JAWS for reviewing the screen in my opinion.

My NVDA isn’t reading the square brackets around the [1] for each answer. That could be misleading for the less aware so making sure the full voicing of symbols is happening seems wise to me.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Umit,

I'm not clear on what environment you're running R in, but sometimes it's easier to run it in terminal mode rather than in the R gui. So you would type R at the command prompt rather than opening the R GUI. You can run Rgui separately to get help and install.packages() and stuff.

If the tables you want to see are your own data tables, the most accessible way I've found is to write the data.frame as a CSV and then navigate it in a spreadsheet program.

My favorite place to run R is now a Mac with emacspeak.

Hope this helps,

Liz Hare, PhD
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On Mar 7, 2017, at 2:55 AM, UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu via BlindRUG <blindrug at nfbnet.org<mailto:blindrug at nfbnet.org>> wrote:

I have an issue on reading r commends and output in r. I'm using nvda
17.1. When I put any panctuation such as , ( or " Reading what I wrote
and editing becomes chalange. nvda reads both before and after
caracter when I put panctuations.
Furthermore ıt reads output at first caracter by caracter before
reading it in standart form. for instance ıt reads 1, 2, 3, as 1 cama
space 2 cama space three. It is really frustrating.
Do you have any reccomendations to solve this problem?

psikoloji lisans öğrencisi- b.a student in psychology

kucevre at ku.edu.tr<mailto:kucevre at ku.edu.tr>
koç üniversitesi: rumeli feneri yolu 34450 sarıyer istanbul/turkiye.

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