[BlindRUG] Just Getting Started: Difficulties navigating the terminal window.

shey lontum sheylontum at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 02:40:28 UTC 2018

Hello all.
I am Lontum Nchadze, Statistical analyst with the Budget Devission of
the Cameroon Ministry of Finance. I have always worked with Stata, but
recently took the decision to learn and start using R, in preparation
for doctoral studies and other professional opportunities in the
private sector.

I am currently reading Jonathan’s book (Let’s use R now) to get
started, but currently still experiencing a basic problem as follows:

When I type any code into the terminal window and hit enter, I don’t
hear any results read out by Jaws, and find nothing when I try to move
around with the mouse. I also find it imposible to clear the terminal
window, a situation I always experience with the operating system’s
command prompt as well. Unfortunately, if I cannot tell whether my
code is working or not, I will find it very difficult to progress with
my learning.

I run R version 3.4.3, which installs both the 32 bits and 64 bits
flavours. My screen reader is Jaws 16.0, running on windows seven

Please I need very urgent help. I have already paid for a course on
Courserra, but needed to get ahead with issues of accessibility before
starting the course.


Lontum E. Nchadze
Statistical Analyst
Department of the Budget
Cameroon Ministry of Finance
+(237) 677 199 500

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