[BlindRUG] Trouble using R on windows 10 64 bit, and doing path analysis with R

faiz rasool faiz7r at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 09:50:04 UTC 2018

Hello all,

I have two slightly unrelated questions.

Firstly, I tried using R 3.4.3 on windows 10 64 bit. But, With Jaws an
NVDA, I'm  not finding  using the terminal possible. I  only hear two
things: textbox, when I open R, and Greater (>), when I use   up and
down arrow keys. I have jaws curser, and I have, I think,  setup the
shortcut to the terminal window correctly. I'm using R on another
computer  running windows 7 32 bit without a prolem. Can I use R on
windows 10 64 bit?

Secondly, has anyone   performed path analysis using R? I have been
told to do path analysis using R, but, I'm  struggling  to work out
how I should proceed.


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