[Cabs] Report From Conference Call

Diane dianefilipe at peoplepc.com
Wed Dec 16 08:24:04 CST 2009

This is the very last I will say on this topic, as my Grandma has been put 
in hospice, and a life is much more important than  all of this.
I just wanted to show Nimer that indeed he did attack several of us 
personally in his first e-mail.:

"However, if a secretary can't form notes
that are spelled correctly, have proper grammar, and takes half of
 the conference call to discuss notes which are still messed up, then
I don't put much faith in the secretary elected to represent the
 Colorado Students. Are there no requirements other than being a
 student to fulfill the role of secretary, or any position for that
 matter? I should hope that my treasurer can count and keep track of
 funds, my secretary  can take notes that, while brief, are
 understandable, and my president can return emails when I send them

Your message implies that I do not know how to count, and guess what, life 
happens, and I know Marty will answer your e-mails asap.  You had a direct 
blow to Abel's secretarial skills.

I'm off to Boulder to be with my Grandma.

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