[Cabs] New Yahoo List for Blind Teens/young Adults

Arielle Silverman arielle71 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 18:00:14 CST 2013

Hi all,
A new list has been created on Yahoo! Groups to provide a forum for
blind teens and young adults to discuss social issues (see description
below). The list is not affiliated with any blindness organization but
it is moderated and archives are kept private and confidential. See
information below:
List description:
This group was created so that blind or visually impaired adolescents
and young adults may have a safe place to discuss issues such as
relationships and dating, family problems, socializing and fitting in,
and stress, as they relate to blindness.
To subscribe send a blank email message to
blind-social-talk-subscribe at yahoogroups.com


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