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National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

Cincinnati Chapter 

Meeting Minutes for December 2020


1.	The December 2020 meeting of the National Federation of the Blind of
Ohio, Cincinnati Chapter was convened by Chapter president Gloria Robinson
at approximately 1:30 P.M. on Saturday December 5 2020. No meeting was held
in November due to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. This meeting was held
virtually by telephone conference due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In
attendance at today's meeting were: President Gloria Robinson, Marianne
Denning, Emily Pennington, Christopher Sabine, Taslim Dibba, Lisa Hall, Dave
Perry, Haley Thurston, Anna Burrage an Candice Armstrong. Ohio Affiliate
President Richard Payne also attended today's meeting representing the
National Federation of the Blind of Ohio. 


2.	Dave Perry moved to accept the November Chapter Minutes as emailed.
Marianne Denning seconded, and the motion passed. 


3.	Emily Pennington presented this month's Treasurer's Report. Marianne
Denning moved to approve the Treasurer's Report. Dave Perry seconded, and
the motion passed. 


4.	Marianne Denning began today's meeting by presenting a report from
the Legislative Committee. She indicated that the 2021 Washington Seminar,
the National Federation of the Blind's annual legislative advocacy and
policy event, will be held virtually this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
This year's Washington Seminar will be held on February 8 and 9 2021. The
meeting will consist of the annual Great Gathering, in which the
organization's national legislative priorities will be discussed and
reviewed. Following this event, each participant will meet with his / her
members of Congress to request that they pass the organization's national
priorities. Anyone interested in taking part in this year's Washington
Seminar should contact Ohio Affiliate President Richard Payne or Eric Duffy,
Chair of the Ohio Affiliate's Legislative Committee, by the close of
business on January 8 2021. Marianne also expressed that the Ohio Affiliate
is looking for people to participate in the Columbus Seminar, which has not
been scheduled as of today's meeting. The current legislative priorities
remain accessible prescription labels and parental rights for Ohioans with
disabilities. New iterations of both pieces of legislation will need to be
introduced in the legislation following the beginning of the new session in
January. Finally, Marianne expressed that the Federal Aviation
Administration has promulgated new regulations banning the use of emotional
support animals and all animals other than dogs on U.S. aircraft. (i.e.,
Dogs will now be the only acceptable service animal allowed on U.S.
aircraft, and no dog can be used for tasks other than those related to a
physical or sensory disability, such as guiding / navigation for a Blind
person.) Airlines can also request that service animals have up-to-date
vaccinations as well as information regarding the type of training the
animal has received. The Ohio Association of Guide Dog Users (OAGDU) is
working to secure a person from the National Organization to attend OAGDU's
next meeting at 7:00 P.M. on Sunday December 13 to discuss the new
regulations. No further information was provided at this time.
5.	Christopher Sabine gave a brief report from the membership
Committee. He indicated that membership recruitment activities are still
underway despite the Pandemic. Several others have reached out to President
Gloria Robinson, expressing interest in membership. Gloria reminded all
members to provide adequate and correct contact information to Christopher
Sabine to ensure completion of the onboarding process and maintenance of the
membership list and database. President Gloria Robinson requested all
current and prospective members have January dues in to Emily Pennington,
Treasurer, by the January 2021 Chapter meeting.

6.	Dave Perry gave a report from the Fundraising Committee, which met
in a joint session with the Membership Committee on December 2 2020. The
Fundraising Committee agreed to present a motion to the Chapter moving the
drawing for the current Fall Fundraiser and raffle from December 12 to
January 20 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dave Perry presented this motion to
the body of the Chapter. Emily Pennington seconded, and the motion carried
following discussion. It was agreed that the drawing will be moved back to
6:00 P.M. on Wednesday January 20 2021 and be held virtually. 


7.	Candice Armstrong gave a summary of the activities of the Ohio
Community Service Division. Notices concerning all of these activities have
been posted to the Ohio-Talk Listserv prior to today's meeting. Candice
expressed that the Division is preparing a Cookbook and is seeking recipes
from Affiliate members. Those interested in submitting a recipe can reach
out to Candice directly or respond to the email on the Ohio-Talk list for
further information. Candice also indicated that the Division is hosting a
broadcast of the classic old time radio series, "The Cinnamon Bear" on the
Ohio Affiliate Zoom room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:45 P.M.
from now until Christmas Eve. Finally, weekly Happy Hours are being hosted
on Thursday evenings at 7:00 P.M. The next event is all requests for
Christmas songs. More activities are in the works for January. 


8.	Marianne Denning moved that the Chapter hold a virtual Christmas
Party on December 22 from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. on the Ohio Zoom Platform and
that the Chapter allocate $50 for door prizes for the event. Christopher
Sabine seconded, and the motion passed.


9.	Ohio Affiliate President Richard Payne reminded all Chapter members
of the leadership development meeting set for December 15 from 6:30 to 8:00
P.M. on the Ohio Affiliate Zoom Platform. The purpose of this meeting is to
educate all Affiliate members on the different roles of leadership within
the Federation and leadership development.


10.	Candice Armstrong reminded Chapter members that if they wish to
serve on a statewide committee of the Ohio Affiliate, they need to reach out
to President Richard Payne no later than December 15 2020.


11.	Marianne Denning indicated that the Ohio Association to Promote the
Use of Braille (OAPUB) and the National Association to Promote the Use of
Braille (NAPUB) are relaunching the Braille Leaders are Leaders Contest for
blind students. Those interested in further information can reach out to
Marianne Denning, President of OAPUB, for details.


12.	The December 2020 meeting of the National Federation of the Blind of
Ohio, Cincinnati Chapter, was adjourned at approximately 2:25 P.M. on
Saturday December 5 2020.


Respectfully Submitted,


Christopher Sabine


National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

Cincinnati Chapter


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