[Colorado-talk] Fwd: Update On The Djd Invasion Web Site

Amy Sabo amylsabo at comcast.net
Wed Mar 4 22:59:32 UTC 2009

hello all,

here is some more information about the djd invasion and a way on how you can contribute to help it out! thanks as always, and i will talk to you all soon!

from amy

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Subject: Update On The Djd Invasion Web Site

Hello To All!

I wanted to write in to give you an update on the 

web site and a sneak peak at what's coming:

1. The Djd Invasion is now taking donations to help 

cover site costs. While it's not required, any donations to the site will result 

in your name being put on a soon to be put up acknowledgements page, a 

guaranteed membership to the loyal listeners club, and an over all improved 

listening experience for all of you. Plus I'm happy to report that by next week 

some time, I believe we will have a time table as to when my internet dream of 

hosting my own online radio station, Radio360, will be ready to 


2. Regarding the Djd Invasion audio player, in 

addition to the stand alone player you had to use for Sunday's show, there is 

now a full version that can be installed onto your desktop. This is nice, since 

it no longer requires you to remember where you saved the executable file for 

the player, since you can put a shortcut to it in your quick launch bar, your 

desktop, or your programs menu.

Here's a link to download the installer. You can 

also find links to this on the listen page during live shows and on the 

downloads page:


3. Here's a sneak peak into the next announcement 

to be hitting your inboxes:

Imagine an online jukebox where songs are always 

being added by me and you the listeners

Imagine a system smart enough to play station ids 

after two or three songs so you always know what station is on. Keep in mind 

this system can do this without being programmed to do so

Imagine a system where you can submit your 

requests, but to keep the station compliant with broadcast licensing terms, the 

bot will remove requests for artists that were just played before the request 

was put in

Yet, when a request is played, an announcement will 

be made to tell you a request is coming...

All this plus scheduled automated programming, 

scheduled artist spotlights, and more....

Details about this online jukebox, which will soon 

become the auto dj system for Radio 360 are coming soon, so stay 


Best regards,

David, A.K.A Djd, host of The Djd 



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