[Colorado-talk] FW: [Alerts] urgent action needed to save FREX (Front Range Express)

Scott C. LaBarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Fri Jun 22 12:30:35 UTC 2012

Greetings Federationists:

I agree with Julie Reiskin that we should work hard to save FREX.  We have
seen postings about this earlier this week and we should join our C. Springs
Chapter and oppose this move.  Especially if you're from the Denver area,
you should write the Mayor of C. Springs and tell him how critical this
service is to those of us who don't drive.


Scott C. LaBarre, President

National Federation of the Blind of Colorado

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Subject: [Alerts] urgent action needed to save FREX (Front Range Express)

 CCDC Members:

This important public transit option is about to be terminated, we need
mobilization to stop a reduction of an important transit option connecting
Denver and Colorado Springs (and Castle Rock)

If you can help us save Frex please contact Kevan Scott at  (
kevanscott05 at gmail.com)
Without immediate and direct action Frex, the commuter bus between Colorado
Springs and Denver goes away ......the following is from Kevan who is an
organizer in this fight.

New twist in FREX saga...


Also great article here from the Indy.


What did we learn from these articles?
1.  The Mayor is a liar, he said after the first vote by council he would
by that vote.  A week later he announces he is killing FREX by saying he
not renew the intergovernmental agreement
2. He said his administration had spoken with the PPRTA and that they had
definitely said that they could not help FREX with anymore funds at this
Several PPRTA board members said this discussion never took place.
3. The Mayor said funds from the savings from the death of FREX could be
used to
fund transit services and again as per the article in the Indy that may not
the case.

While the Mayor may have the authority to end intergovernmental agreements
his whim, I am more than a little dismayed at what we have found out in the
Gazette and Indy articles.  I still strongly believe that we must fight for
because if we don't the next thing the Mayor is coming for is our public
in the city.  I am disabled and depend on Metro Mobility, whose service
parallels  city transit services, so any transit routes lost are also lost
the disabled who depend on Metro Mobility.  As an aside, FREX is and was
cheapest and fastest way to get to Denver.  If you called it a route, it
be the most popular route for city transit.  In addition, FREX attracted
choice riders who worked in Denver and were willing to pay $22 round trip
day to get to Denver and back.  In fact, they were even prepared to pay a
increase rather than to see this service go away.

There is a council meeting this next Tuesday, I'm not sure FREX will be on
agenda or not but I would encourage everyone to come and comment on the
of FREX and also on the manner in which the Mayor did it.  Thanks, Kevan.


Julie Reiskin,  Executive Director
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
655 Broadway Suite 775
Denver, CO 80203
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