[Colorado-talk] Why are YOU a Federationist?

Jessica Beecham jbeecham at cocenter.org
Tue May 29 16:00:32 UTC 2012



The NFB of Colorado is considering the idea of creating a new brochure.
Many times, it is the "personal touches" that really catch the eye (or
fingers) of readers (grin).  In an attempt to add that "personal touch," I
would like to ask all who are interested to submit a sentence or two
detailing one of the following.

A:  why I am a Federationist:

B:  something gained from the NFB (how has the organization impacted your

As brochures are not very long and we will have a lot of information
regarding our programming, chapters, etc. remember to keep your comments
short and sweet.  We will not be able to use all of the comments for this
brochure but they may be useful for future endeavors, so if you have
something to say please send it in.  You can reply to me directly at
jbeecham at cocenter.org.


Best Wishes  



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