[Colorado-talk] New List for the ColoradoSprings Chapter @ nfbnet.org

Everett Gavel everett at everettgavel.com
Tue Nov 13 02:11:20 UTC 2012

Hello Listers,

As many of you probably know, there's this list to help cover 
blindness-related info throughout Colorado. There are also specific chapter 
lists for Denver, Greeley, & I think a couple of others, to help keep up 
with things specific to those chapters & regions of Colorado. I just wanted 
to let y'all know that there is now a chapter list for the Colorado Springs 
region, too.

For anyone in and around Colorado Springs, and interested in chapter 
goings-on, please join us on the list by going to www.nfbnet.org, clicking 
on the "Join or Drop" link, and they're all there in alphabetical order. Our 
list is named: nfb-coloradosprings. Original, right? Anyway, please come 
join the list if you're interested in helping us or watching us change what 
it means to be blind in Colorado Springs! ;-)

Strive On!

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