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Subject: [Colorado-talk] We Want Your Story! Tell Us Where You Volunteer --
Win Big Prizes!

We Want Your Story! Tell Us Where You Volunteer -- Win Big Prizes!

Okay, so, the "big prizes" thing was a teaser. You can grumble at me when
you see me next. But now, onto the good, and real, and real good stuff!

We, a handful of not-so-secret agents hiding behind what will soon be the
Community Services Division, not just the Community Services group, are
planning big things. We, not-so-secretly, are planning to change the world! 
Join us! We shall impact this nation and the world, city by city! It can -
and will - be done! We are going to do it!

Join us or remain in the past, where people still think a blind person needs
to be taken care of, rather than being the contributing citizens we know
blind people can be -- and which many already are!

We are killers! Every day we strive to kill off the myths, misconceptions,
and outright absurdities people still think alongside their supposedly
normal thoughts. Such as thinking a blind person can't possibly drive! Or
that a blind person can't live alone, or take care of themselves, or raise
children properly by themselves! We have our list of targets which we plan
on killing off. Would you like to be a contract killer with us? You can help
kill off these often absurd notions people have about blindness and blind

Come join us, and be a part of the new, "New World Order!" A new world where
treating someone as less than respectable just because they are different
than you is unacceptable. Where automatically thinking someone is incapable
of doing the same job as you, and just as well or better, simply because
they are blind, is unacceptable! Where not giving a person with a disability
the same "fair wages" a sighted person gets paid for the same job, is
unacceptable. Unacceptable!

These misconceptions, these myths and outright lies must die, shall die --
and good riddance!

Join us today, now, and begin changing the world, killing off these myths
and the wrong thinking. Start today, by joining the Community Service
discussion list. Start today, by telling us your story. Tell us where you
volunteer in your community - or where you'd like to volunteer in your

Tell us your experience. Share it with us to help others get past their own
worries or concerns about what some may not even realize they can do. We
need to help each other grow stronger, and more diligent - and less willing
to take 'no' for an answer. Even more, we need to help each other and others
learn to stop telling themselves that they can't do something simply because
they're blind!  We're starting a collection of stories. Help us out by
telling us yours!

Live strong! Play strong! Volunteer Strong - In Your Community!

We're killers! Community-minded killers, yes, but still, not-so-secret agent
killers of myths, misconceptions, and fears of blindness and vision loss!
Join this group, soon to be a division, now, today! We need you! We need
more warm-blooded, passionate killers!  ;-)

Join with us today. Start by joining the Community Service discussion list
found here:

Once you're on the list with us, let us KNOW that you mean business, and
want to be a killer too. Killers of myths and misconceptions in our
communities. One by one, day after day, month after month. Then, please, and
yes, we're the kind of killers that say please, so please, once you've
joined the list, the next step is, tell us your story of volunteerism if you
have a story to share.

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