[Colorado-talk] 2012 NFB of Colorado Convention Sponsorship DynamicBuna, Inc.

Buna Dahal BunaDahal at DynamicBuna.com
Thu Oct 25 04:04:00 UTC 2012

DynamicBuna, Inc. is a proud Silver Sponsor of our 2012 NFB of Colorado
State Convention. I am thrilled for the opportunity. Thank you NFB!


Leadership is the spirit of success. Your abilities are never finite, so
don't assume your opportunities are. I am DynamicBuna. Through one-on-one
professional development, group leadership training, and dynamic keynote
speaking, I transform executives into noble leaders. Results are created not
from what we do, but how we do it. Go now to DynamicBuna.com
<http://www.bunadahal.com>  and sign up for your free consultation with
Buna. Carve out your profession. Empower yourself and map your own success
at DynamicBuna.com <http://www.bunadahal.com> 


Leadership sprouts from the core of our beings. Applying self with an open
hand and quiet heart is true leadership. Buy my book in audio (CD) or print;
Leadership Spirit! and share my inspirations. Only $25.00 at DynamicBuna.com

10% of the book sale will benefit VSA Colorado, Access Gallery.


Books are available for purchase throughout the convention. Please bring
your sweet tooth to my booth.


Realize your aspirations... become a Noble Leader

Buna Dahal     MS in Organization Leadership

DynamicBuna, Inc. /  Leadership Strategist


BunaDahal at DynamicBuna.com

phone 303.758.1232   |   fax 303.862.4371  |  Skype DynamicBuna

 <http://www.dynamicbuna.com/> http://www.DynamicBuna.com



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