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Hello Again, My Fellow Coloradans!

I'm sharing a message here, which I posted this 
afternoon on another blindness list where they 
were talking tech -- specifically regarding the 
current-and-future state of the cell phone 
industry. I'm hoping, just maybe, the governmental 
resources below will prove useful to some here as 

Strive On!

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"Unlocking cell phones..."

Hello All,

Less government is a good thing, IMO. But 
understand clearly here, the "government" is only 
making this (latest) rule because of the 'legal' 
bribes, i.e., both current and promises of future 
handouts by the big for-profit companies. That's 
it, that's all, pure and simple.

If we truly gave a hoot and paid as much attention 
to our political leaders guiding our lives, as the 
companies did with guiding their profits, we'd 
have more influence.

It is unfortunate that a large majority of us only 
care enough to gripe about changes to others who 
also -- more often than not -- don't care enough 
to make real, positive changes actually happen. 
It's easy to gripe and share one's opinions where 
they don't really do a bit of good to change 
things, such as on this or other e-mail lists, 
rather than actually getting or staying involved, 
and helping to truly guide and make positive 
changes happen.

It's not that your opinion (or mine) doesn't 
matter. It's quite simply that most of us don't 
honestly care enough to make sure our opinions 
matter. If you, reading this now, happen to be at 
a point in your life where you actually want to 
influence your country's and world's changes (and 
are sick of being led in the wrong direction), 
here are a couple of resources that can help, 

I urge you, make the switch today, and begin doing 
more than spending your precious time griping 
about negative changes already made, supposedly on 
your behalf. I, too, shall strive to not simply be 
a hypocritical cheerleader here. Everything said 
above, I say to myself as well. Join me, starting 
today, starting now (!) -- and let's take action. 
It doesn't take much to become a true 
world-changer, rather than just another unhappy 
citizen. Your political leaders can be contacted 
today -- via the resources below.

And please, don't waste your energy disagreeing 
with me if you take offense at being urged to take 
action. Instead, take action where it will matter! 
If you're right now somehow feeling offended, take 
that offendedness and take 5 minutes and go look 
up your regional or country leaders via the 
resources below, and call them to share your 
feelings right now at this moment -- in a way that 
can truly matter.

If I could, I'd bribe you to get involved, just as 
huge companies bribe our countries' leaders and 
call it support, or, a donation. Please, take 
control of *your* country -- starting now. Become 
a well-known name in each of your pllitical 
leaders' offices.

Please, start today, contact your leaders NOW! Let 
the life you want, be the life you get! If you let 
others lead you, you will only get the life they 
want for you.

And may God bless your efforts!

Strive On,

Contact Your Elected Officials
Contact Elected Officials -- Locate e-mail and
mailing addresses, phone numbers, and more.
Call, e-mail, or mail your U.S. state and federal
elected officials and government agencies

U.S. Senate: Senators Home
Senators of the 113th Congress

The Library of Congress THOMAS site provides a
collection of ...
Senate Home Page . Cabinet Nominations . Committee
Home Pages ...
Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress: 1774
to Present ...

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> ... if I'm buying it I should have the right to
> use/connect it to any
> service I choose, however if the seller insists
> on having me only connect to
> their service then they should retain ownership
> of the device.  If it's mine
> then give it to me and leave me alone,
> I agree with you in terms of having less
> Government interference in my life,
> so why are they not allowing a free market in
> the cell phone system?

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